Information and Past Winners

Each year, Polymnia encourages high school students from all over Greater Boston to participate in its "Spotlight on High School Talent." The competition offers the winner the opportunity to perform in a future Polymnia Concert.  Auditions are announced and conducted each year. Talents include singing, dancing, playing an instrument, composition and acting. Polymnia's Music Director and Accompanist hold the auditions and winners perform their solos at an upcoming concert.

Auditions are open to all high school singers, dancers, composers, instrumentalists and actors from the Greater Boston Area!
The winner will receive $250 and will be featured in one of three future Polymnia concerts
Auditions will be held at Melrose Highlands Congregational Church 355 Franklin Street, Melrose, MA

Auditions have been completed for this year.
THANK YOU! to all the applicants!
  Eligibility and Requirements:
  • Must be a high school student in the Greater Boston area.
  • All musical applicants, please prepare up to three selections from the Broadway, pop, classical and jazz genres.
  • Actors, please prepare a skit or monologue appropriate for a family venue.
  • Open to individuals or groups. Accompanist provided. Please bring legible music for the pianist.
  • $15 audition fee. Please make checks payable to Polymnia Choral Society.
  • All applicants will have seven minutes to display their talents
For more information, email us

Date December March June-Pops

Grace Thompson-Sweet Thursday

David Travis-Dance Me to the End of Love

Maria Kroll Sinclair-Stranger to the Rain

Eva Gertz-Jazz original

Lilah Drafts-Johnson-Rolling in the Deep

Devin McCall-Taylor the Latte Boy

Madeline Frasca-Irish Step Dancing

Lilah Drafts-Johnson-Not for Me original

Isabella Miller-Gimme Gimme

Alexis Csiscek-Blackbird

Olivia Rittenburg-Mash up
Austin Smith-String Dygbert Jean-Joanna on violin

Quartet Original Composition Gerard Frasca-On My Own

Francesca Rizzo-Part of Your World
2015-2016 Maria Tramontozzi - O Holy Night Madeleine Carbonneau- Ritzei

Olivia Rittenburg-Beatle on Its Back original

Natalie Lewis-The Last Dance